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June 27, 2011

penny candy

Happy Monday.  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  My hubby was kind enough to take me to Home Depot to purchase the last of the faux wood blinds for Lemon Lane Cottage.  His only stipulation was that they be hung the same day.  I have a tendency to buy them and then let them sit for days weeks on end. 

Hanging blinds is my absolute least favorite job.  I know I could wait for him to do it but we don't work well together on projects and my supervising self can't seem to stay under wraps.  So I usually will get a project started until I am physically not strong enough to finish and then call in the troops to finish up.

But there up, now I can mark a big check off in that to do box.

What does all that have to do with penny candy?  Nothing, at all.  I just wanted a little recognition for finishing that dreaded task and I didn't really receive it here at home (whine, whine).

In between the blinds I did manage to arrange some mismatched candy jars into penny candy central.

Doesn't it all look yummy.

Both my husband and I remember going to our grandparent's homes and having them pull out hard candies for our visits.  I would have loved it all displayed like an old fashioned penny candy store just like this.  We have a really neat candy store in our downtown village and I can see a visit in the near future for gummy bears and pixie stix.

Hope this week holds many sweet things for you.

June 26, 2011

simply spectacular calla lily and sweet peas

I was out and about in the garden today and spotted this beautiful sweet pea blooming...


Someone forgot to tell this beauty that her time to shine was in March and yet here she is in all her delicate glory. 

I tossed the seeds in this pot much later than I should have, thinking if they sprout and bloom fine but if not, then there's is always next year.

And her pot partner, Mr. Calla Lilly?  I forgot he was in there, too.  I will usually splurge on one or two beautiful color lillies in the spring and put them in a pot for a season.  For some reason they never return for me like they're supposed to.

 His time to shine was last year and yet here he is, too.

It's almost like they planned it. 
I just love an "I'll show you attitude", don't you?

Each is glorious in their own right but together...they are simply spectacular.

I'm finding the same is true of blogging.  I never thought I would find such a wonderful creative outlet at this stage of my life but here I am.  Learning new things, stretching my boundaries and discovering like minded souls to inspire me and cheer me on. 

Kindred spirits, sharing their love of beautiful things.  Alone they are quite lovely, but shared...they are simply spectacular.

Thank you for your kind and encouraging words.  You make sharing a joy!

June 21, 2011

gathered for display

I love checking things off my to do list and this weekend I managed to finish one project and make good headway on another.

My open shelving is finally up in the kitchen.  I really wanted to take the doors off a couple of cupboards and just have the cabinets exposed to display my everyday dishes but my husband put his foot down on that one.  (Don't you hate when they do that?)

So I decided a couple of open shelves would be a good compromise.  The pretty scrolled brackets are from Home Depot as is the pine shelf.  I still need to trim the shelf edge out but overall, I just love the look.

Most of the pretty pyrex on the top shelf was given to me and now I have the perfect place to display it and any future pyrex finds.  The sweet little cuppa canvases up top were in the dollar bin at Michaels.

The tray was a treasure I found quite a few years back in Old town Temecula and the vintage scale is my latest find at our new Goodwill in town.  It was on the rolling cart to be placed on the shelf when I promptly snatched it up.  I found the teal gravy boat that same day. It's not pyrex but it looks pretty along side it.

I love having my pretties all gathered together, front and center where I can enjoy them all the time.

June 10, 2011


Today my three year old grandson climbed into my lap, laid his sweet smelling head on my shoulder and uttered these precious words to this smitten grandma…

”When I grow up, I’m going to carry you and take care of you.”    

Big sigh!  What is it about little boys that makes them so protective of their grandmas?  With  sweet, innocent love like that, how could you want for anything more?

June 8, 2011

a beautiful day

Just a quick hello this morning...

It has been an absolutely glorious couple of days.  The sun is out, the mountains are clear and the roses are blooming.

Hope it's wonderful where you are, too.

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