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October 31, 2011


BOO! Did my little friend scare you?

Just a little spooktacular Happy Halloween greeting from Lemon Lane Cottage to you!

Thanks for stopping by.  Grab an apple muffin and a cup of coffee and join me.

October 28, 2011

faith walk friday #7

Let me try this one more time...

Thank you for hanging in there with me.  I can't believe it's already faith walk friday #7.  I have really enjoyed sharing with you each week and hearing your encouraging words of wisdom as we walk through this together.

On being creative - It is my belief that all of us possess within us the power to create.  Whether it be with words, with food, with paper, with fabric, with a paint brush or with a camera.  The same God that created the oceans, the mountains and the sunset, created you and I, in His image, with his creative flair.

With that fact established, the question then becomes, how do I use that desire and ability to create in a way that brings honor and glory to Him?

I've shared before that my girls were adopted through the foster care system.  I don't know if I've shared how terrified I was that first week we brought them home.  I remember calling my mom in tears wondering if I was up to such a huge task.  Would I be able to offer these precious little ones the love and security they deserved. Would I be able to make them feel special and chosen?  What were we thinking when we said, "Yes" to this calling?  I was blessed to have been surrounded with family and friends ready to encourage me in words and actions, to remind me that what I lacked, God would provide in abundance. 

I would love to find a way to use my love of hand work to bless children in foster care.   It is my hearts desire and fervent prayer to help those children know they are special and not forgotten.

I want them to feel wrapped in the love of a Father that is never to busy to hear the cry of the smallest child.  I'm not sure what that looks like right now.  I have a few ideas, I'm just waiting on God's confirmation with an open heart and willing hands.

Faithfully His,

faith walk friday #7...coming soon

Have you ever spent time putting together a post...

put the final period on it...

went back to proof read it one last time...

and somehow...

some way...

hit the wrong button...

and poof, it was gone?

So it was with my faith walk friday post today.  I will reconstruct (and rethink) what it is that I am supposed to share today and be back just as soon as possible with the real faith walk friday #7 post.

Still faithfully His,

October 26, 2011

up the coast

We headed up the coast to Santa Barbara earlier this month for a couple of days of recharging.  My husband has a favorite golf course right on the coast that he was hoping to play so we stopped in to schedule him a tee time for the next morning.

As golfers luck would have it, the starter said he could go out right then and since it was already 3:00 in the afternoon and no one was on the course, there was no problem with me riding along.

So I grabbed my camera and hopped on the golf cart.  What a perfect opportunity to spend some time with him doing what he loves and to witness some absolutely breathtaking scenery along the way.   

By the time he was finished the sun was setting over the Pacific Ocean leaving behind the most gorgeous show of color...

 The end of this perfect day was punctuated by this spectacular full moon.

It couldn't have been more beautiful if we had planned it and it will definitely be on our list of Autumn traditions.

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October 25, 2011

sugar cookies

All you foodies, cover your ears and close your eyes…

Last night my grandson and I pulled out a pre-measured pouch of sugar cookies to make our annual Halloween cookies.  Search as I might, I just couldn't find the pumpkin cookie cutter so we had to settle for acorns and maple leaves.  I tried a new sugar cookie icing recipe from here.  I had to thin it just a bit and it is sweet (what's a little powdered sugar between friends) but over all I would definitely use it again.

As much as I love baking from scratch, the little hands that added love and sprinkles made these just as yummy as can be.

And you guessed it…
they are perfect with my morning coffee.

Hope you have a day filled with love and sprinkles, too.

October 23, 2011

field trip...Christmas finery

I had a chance to visit some of my favorite stores all decorated for Christmas last week while I was on vacation and got the nerve to ask one of the shop owners if I could take a few pictures for my blog.

She was more than gracious and let me snap away.

The name of the store is I Love Country and while there may be a hint of homespun goodness, I think it leans more to the romantic cottage or farmhouse fresh side of things.

The store owner and her assistants are absolutely the best at displaying items in the most appealing way all year round so when they have their annual Christmas Open House you can imagine my excitement.

They nearly inspire me to start decorating in October! 

The store is located in Southern California about 15 miles east of Los Angeles.  If you're ever in the area, I highly encourage you to stop in and be sure and tell them Patty from Lemon Lane Cottage says, "Hi".

There was still plenty of the store not decorated for Christmas that I'll be sharing next week so be sure you come back.

October 21, 2011

faith walk friday #6

I guess it's no secret that I love my little cottage so sharing my faith walk today will be a joy.

On living where I do - I always wanted to live on a little farm somewhere with chickens and horses maybe a cow and a pig thrown in for good measure.  I would grow my own vegetables and the hugest sunflowers you ever did see.  That hasn't happened yet, and I'm okay with that.  I firmly believe that God has us exactly where he wants us.

After trying on a few different houses (three moves in an eight year span) we finally found one that fits.  This little house on Lemon Lane suits our family to a tee and we knew it the first time we walked through it.  It has odd shaped ceilings, lots of nooks and crannies, a nice size kitchen that was newly remodeled when we moved in with beautiful barn red cabinetry, a dining room big enough to seat 10 comfortably, crown molding, a fireplace, diamond paned windows, a little front porch, a detached garage, a sun room, my very own craft room and a beautiful backyard with large park like trees and enough sun for a vegetable garden.  It sits on a tree lined street close to shopping and the downtown village that lights up at Christmas and even has a hometown Christmas parade.

That being said, I know with certainty that if for whatever reason this house was taken away, we would be okay because the truth is this old house is just wooden studs and pretty decorations.

A home is created with the heart and spirit of the people and relationships that inhabit it.  The "stuff" that I love about this house could be recreated in a two bedroom apartment or a small travel trailer. 

I love seeing beautiful homes on blogs and in magazines and it can be so easy to get caught up in making my home pretty at the expense of those living in it. 

My prayer is that the people who feel safe, secure and loved within these walls would feel the same under any roof and if that's not the case...I need to examine what this house really represents, where my priorities are and who I am serving.

God's ultimate desire is to have a relationship with us, it's why he gave us free will.  If relationship is so important to Him, shouldn't it be just as important to us?  I want my friends and family to want to come by, not just to see my latest project but to feel comfortable and wanted.  I want warm conversation and the smell of a fresh cup of coffee to leave more of an impression than the expensive cup I pour it into.

Faithfully His,

October 20, 2011

autumn spendor

The house is wrapped in Autumn splendor, the scent of fresh baked goods waft through the air and a hot cup of apple spice tea embraces me in the afternoon sunlight.

October is quickly becoming one of my favorite months.  Hope yours is just as delightful...


October 19, 2011

ocean breezes

I had a chance to get away for a drive up the coast with my hubby last week.  One of the wonderful things about the California coastline is the endless miles of sandy beaches ready to take your breath away.

October is one of the absolute best times to get in the car and take in the beauty of the Pacific Ocean. 

We have this little out of the way Mexican food kitchen in the small beach town of Carpenteria that makes the best Carnitas burritos that we always stop at for lunch. 

It also happens to be a block away from the ocean so we picked up our burritos and headed for a picnic table in the sand. 

The great thing about October is that while the temperatures are still in the 80's, the crowds are minimal (with the exception of a group of middle age men playing volleyball in their 1970's too short silk shorts...nuff said on that subject).

After enjoying our lunch amidst the cool ocean breezes we got back in the car and headed for Santa Barbara.

 I am not exaggerating when I say I took over 300 hundred pictures once we got there.  I think I'll save those for another day (don't worry, not all 300).

October 18, 2011

partial living room reveal

Patience is not one of my virtues. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that we were having new carpet installed in the living room. I’m not going to lie, it took me a little while to warm up to it once it was in.   It turned out a little darker than I remember that 12 inch square swatch being, but now that we’ve lived with it and my eyes have adjusted from white to brown, I really like it…a lot.

It feels so good under my bare feet, all squishy and soft, and it is so nice not to worry about stains on white carpet.    I know brown carpet is not "in style" right now but I think I've finally learned that when style doesn't mix with practicality (the way your family lives) it takes the haven out of the home.

True story...Did I ever tell you that Emily and Andrew got into my cooking oil and when my daughter discovered them quietly sitting in a pool of oil on the kitchen floor they took off running, you guessed it, directly onto my white carpet. Needless to say, when they came to haul out that old carpet there were still toddler size (yoil prints, as Andrew would say) oil footprints that never did come out.  As sick as I was over the carpet being ruined and my strong urge to freak out, it couldn't take precedence over those sweet little kids wanting to be at grandmas house.

My hubby and I spent the better part of the weekend arranging and rearranging furniture in the living room. I knew with the dark carpet and our brown leather sofa we were in need of some bright colors to lighten things up.  We are both committed not to buy anything new and between our two old noggins we managed some very clever fixes. I don't want to reveal it completely until it's finished but I love it so much I couldn't resist a little sneak peak…

I still have some drapery to hang, furniture to paint and art work to find so the total reveal is still a little down the road.  But so far...I'm loving it.  I'll go into the details later. 

I'm sure we all have horror stories about our possessions.  I'd love to hear yours...

October 17, 2011

apple cake

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  The weather was especially nice (definitely better than last weeks heatwave) and I had a chance to try this wonderful apple cake recipe from Leslie over at The Cozy Little Kitchen. 

If you've never visited her blog, I suggest you go on over and take a look.  This adorable young woman can really cook!

The recipe made two loaves so I quickly froze one and have slowly been working my way through the other.

Delicious apple bread on a chilly autumn morning...another reason to love this season.

The perfect addition to my Monday morning coffee!  Grab a chair, I'll cut you a slice.

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