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September 28, 2012

another sneak peak

I know I am shameless about the sneak peaks but I couldn't resist.  Those of you who guessed craft room were correct.

While I loved my little corner in my grandson's room, crafting is messy business and I was in serious danger of swallowing up his entire space.  So, once I presented my story to dear hubby...Let's just say I have come full circle and leave it at that till next time.

Yesterday was very productive but there are still only 24 hours in a day and well, I couldn't leave you without a reality check and a taste of what the next couple of days will have me doing.

Enjoy your weekend.  If I finish up, I will pop in with some photos.

xo, Patty

September 26, 2012

a clean slate and a new project

I decided on which project I would give the green light to next and have already started the prep work.  It required cleaning out one persons music room (my husband's) to make space for what's to come.  He is such a good sport and only rolled his eyes once or twice when he heard my plan. 

Of course clearing out his things meant finding a place for them as well.  It took a little creative thinking but we managed to carve out a nook for him in our bedroom.  He usually ends up with his guitar in there anyway so he wasn't too badly displaced.

After a good cleaning, scrubbing down of walls and a little touch up paint, I have a clean slate to work with.

I used to be intimidated by an empty room or a blank canvas but now I love it.  In fact, when I start revamping a room I will usually remove everything from the space and start fresh even if it means moving the furniture right back to where it started at.

I don't want to give away too much today, so I will leave you with these pictures of the one piece of actual furniture that is going in the space and leave you guessing.

I have the house to myself all day tomorrow so I am hoping to get a lot accomplished.  Be back with the reveal soon enough!

xo, Patty

September 25, 2012

a chill in the air

There was a nice breeze when I went to bed so I left the window open a bit and when I woke up this morning there was a decided chill in the air.  Could that mean fall is actually around the corner?

The cooler temps have me inspired to take on a new project.  The problem is deciding which one.  It needs to be one that will be finished by the end of October because as I 've said before, once the holidays hit I simply want to take it all in and enjoy.

No project chaos...just a nice clean nest to feather, relax and entertain in.  Do you feel the same way?  Is there a date you try to finish all your decorating and loose ends by so that you can just enjoy the blessings of the season?

Thank you so much for ordering hearts and praying for Pie.  I have added a link on my side bar that will take you to my Etsy shop.  For those of you who have already ordered, your hearts will be in the mail today or tomorrow.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

xo, Patty

September 24, 2012

Hearts for Pie

I am so excited about today's post.  Some time ago I met Joy over at Small Town Joy and was immediately drawn to her kind and loving spirit.  As I got to know her more I realized that we share bits of the same journey...adoption through the foster care system.  (You can read part of my story here.) 

Joy's story is one that has always tugged at my heart and when I heard that she was facing the possibility of losing her sweet daughter Pie due to the mishandling of her adoption case I knew I had to help in any way I could.  I asked her to give you all a little background just in case you have not met her or her family before.

Hello to all of Patty's sweet readers. I'm Joy and I blog over at Small Town Joy. My blog is mostly about this crazy adventure God has us on called life. My husband, Barry, and I are the proud parents of three precious children. Jordan (14), Riley (12) and our little "Sweet Potato Pie" who is about to cross the two year mark in her little life.

Our sweet girl came to us at birth by means of foster care. We have been approved to adopt for some time now. We recently learned that this case has been neglected and as a result she could be returned into a situation that is not appropriate. It is our desire for her to be raised in a safe, loving environment with people who love her. We are her family as she has never lived elsewhere. We have just began raising funds to help fund this journey to her adoption- the fight to keep her with us. It has been amazing to watch God lay this path before us and place so many special people in our lives who are willing to help us raise these funds. God must have big plans for this little one's life and we are so excited to be a part of it!

Thank you, Patty for sharing your time, talents and blog space with us! God is good, all the time!

I began to pray about how I could best help Joy raise some of the money needed to keep her Sweet Potato Pie home for good.  That's when the idea of these homespun Christmas hearts came to me.  What better way to show love for a fellow blogger, mom, and woman of god, than with a Heart for Pie?

Each Heart for Pie is uniquely handmade and measures approximately 4.5" tall.  They are sewn from high quality quilting fabric and have been hand embellished and prayed over.  All proceeds from the sale of the hearts will go directly to Joy's fundraiser.  They are for sale in my Etsy shop for $7.50 plus $2.50 for shipping and handling.  That means from your $10.00 purchase, $7.26 will go directly to help off set the legal fees this fight will require. 

My hope is that these little hearts will bring out the big hearts of my readers.  I would appreciate you posting or linking to Joy's blog (where you will find other fundraisers) or this post, so that more people will hear about sweet Pie's plight and join in the cause. 

I have never done anything like this before on my blog but your generosity and kindness gave me the confidence to give it a try.  If you have been looking for a way to help a wonderful cause, please head over to my Etsy shop and buy a Heart for Pie.

xo, Patty

September 20, 2012

so this is fall, really?

We are really going to have to use our imaginations on this one, trust me.  For what seems like the 100th day in a row we are in the triple digits.  So this is fall, really?

I feel like my fall decor is mocking me...

I don't dare force autumn onto the porch as I am sure my neighbors might have me committed.

The weatherman and his Doppler radar assures me the fall like temperatures are out there...somewhere.

Not here...but somewhere.

That's okay, I can be patient.  I mean it's not like I have a choice. So yes really, this is fall and boy, have I been waiting for you.

We are planning a quick trip to the mountains tomorrow where hopefully, we will feel a bit of a chill in the air.  What about you?  Anything special planned for this first fall weekend?

xo, Patty

last minute find

After a last minute run to Home Goods and Michael's, I managed to finish my indoor fall decorating late last night.  I can never seem to stop (even for sleep) when I'm on a roll.  Before I show you what I accomplished today, I wanted to show you one of the outfits I wore last weekend to Women of Faith. 

Everything you see was found in my closet with the exception of the black straw purse which was a last minute find at Goodwill for 50% off.  It was originally $4.99 but I got it for a whopping $2.50.  I never thought I would buy clothes at a thrift store, but why not?  If you are patient and know what you're looking for, it's a great place to fill in some holes in your wardrobe.

via pinterest

I think I came pretty close to the inspiration photo.  I didn't have turquoise sandals but I think my black ones look just fine.

I love all the chunky jewelry especially with the splash of turquoise.  I think most of it was purchased at Kohl's for at least 40% off because I never pay full price at Kohl's for anything.

The blouse was a recent buy from Macy's online and the jeans are old, comfy and one of my favorite pairs.  The black sandals are from Dressbarn, I've had them for a couple of years at least. 

I'll be back tomorrow to share some of the fall touches I added around the cottage.  I hope you know how much I enjoy you stopping by.

xo, Patty

September 19, 2012

busy, busy, busy

I am sorry I have been such a bad blogger lately.  It seems every time I have a minute to check in life happens and I get pulled away. 

My weekend at Women of Faith was just what I needed.  The speakers offered exactly the messages I needed to hear to move forward with fresh energy.

I had a minute to relax on Sunday and then it was off to San Diego to watch my son in law be sworn in for his second tour of duty on Monday.  What a proud moment to witness.  

The weather cooled just enough for me to head into the garage on Tuesday and pull out my fall decorations. So today is all about unpacking, editing and autumnizing Lemon Lane Cottage.

I am so ready to usher in fall and all of the fun of this season.  It has been a long hot summer and the thought of days cool enough to spend outside and maybe even reach for a sweater, sound pretty good right about now.

I might even buy my first bag of Halloween candy (which we all know is never going to make it until those trick or treaters arrive).  How are you all doing?

xo, Patty

September 14, 2012

I'm off for the weekend

I was gifted a ticket to this weekend's Women of Faith Conference in Anaheim, California.  What a perfect blessing at just the perfect time. God is good like that, you know. He even provided a ride!

And wouldn't you know I have two new (well, sorta) outfits already picked out for the event.  I don't have time to snap pictures as this was a last minute thing and I am running behind, but I will take a couple of pictures when I get home to share later.

Despite our triple digit temps, I have started to decorate for fall.  Have you?  Can't wait to really get going with it next week.

Have a wonderful weekend!

xo, Patty

September 13, 2012

finding my style

Part of living a good life is being happy with who I am both inside and out.  I began sharing with you yesterday the spiritual journey I am on, so today I thought I would share what I have been doing to get my outside on board.

When I am not at my best mentally I tend to let go of myself physically, too.  I don't watch what I eat, stop exercising and really don't give a hoot about what I put on.  This only makes me more unsatisified so I sink deeper into a pit, which makes me eat more, move less and so on and so on.  Such a vicious cycle...

In order to break free of this cycle, I have started moving and eating healthier which I will expand on in later posts but I have also rediscovered the fun of getting dressed for the day.  I have started a what to wear pin board on pinterest and will pin outfits that not only appeal to me style wise but are also practical for how I live my life today.

In the process, I have found my style.  What colors and lines are pleasing to me and make me smile.  Since I am on an extreme budget, I am trying to recreate the look with what I own, what I can repurpose, what I can make and what I find on clearance or at a thrift store.  The best thing is that I am having a blast doing it!

Using pinterest has narrowed down my color palette which in turn will make it easier to mix and match things I already own.  I will allow myself one full retail purchase a month (thanks to hubby) to help build up my staple items.  I have three or four outfits ready to put together from what I have hanging in my closet right now that I will be sharing with you in the days ahead.  I've also found several things that just aren't me that I will be giving away.

I know putting time and effort into my appearance may seem shallow, but I would disagree.  If how I look affects my attitude and therefore how I care and respond to others than it is vital that I make the most of what I look like on the outside.  Now, if I put more store in my appearance than who I am on the inside, we have a problem. 

What are your thoughts on the subject?  Remember...be kind.

xo, Patty

the low down on my version...
jeans - Kohls - already owned
top - Sam's club - already owned
sandals - Kohls - already owned
earrings - made by me

September 12, 2012

a good life

"A good life is intentional, it's not backed into."  Jeff Vines

If you've been reading this blog for any amount of time you have heard me talk about the challenges and changes I've faced this year. (If you are new to my blog and have suffered a loss you you can read my story by clicking on the header entitled Life Happens at the top of my blog).

Like so many of your lives, the words that end up here are edited...a prettified version of reality.  There are so many other life struggles that I haven't shared because they are too personal and private and just aren't appropriate for this blog.

That being said, I can count only a few other times in my life where I have been forced to lay it all down, trust in my Savior and walk by faith and not by sight more than right now.  The quote above is from my pastor's sermon this past weekend.  He talked with such passion about not relying on ourselves to be equipped to survive in this world.  How our emotions left unchecked can give the enemy a foothold in our lives.

Anger left to ourselves becomes bitterness...
Conviction left to ourselves becomes guilt...
Concern left to ourselves becomes fear and anxiety...

I was reminded once again that on my own I will slip into depression and defeat. 

On my own my anger will replay hurtful scenes over and over in my head and it will lead to bitterness.

The times I slip up and I feel convicted will begin to seem insurmountable and I will give into condemnation and guilt.

And my personal favorite foothold, my genuine concern can turn into full on fear and anxiety as I automatically assume the worst case scenario will happen.

I don't have to live that way.  I can choose to trust Him to bring good even from the bad that will certainly happen in my life. 

"For who is powerful enough to enter the house of a strong man like Satan and plunder his goods?  Only someone even stronger-someone who could tie him up and then plunder his house." Matthew 12:29

I am choosing to live a good life and I would love to share with you what that intentionality looks like for me in the days and weeks ahead.

xo, Patty

Here is the link to the full sermon by Pastor Jeff Vines from this weekend.  Pour yourselves a cuppa and drink it all in.  He is a gifted authentic man, you will be blessed.

September 10, 2012

a frittered weekend

I did it...I frittered the weekend away.  No projects, no major cleaning, instead I spent my time relaxing and doing fun projects. 

I mentioned that I am trying to revamp my pitiful wardrobe on a budget.  I have a few outfits in the works that I will be sharing with you later in the week but part of my frittering time this weekend was spent making jewelry.

I know, like another hobby is just what I need, right?  But I had all the supplies tucked away anyway so I thought it might be fun to pull it all out and give it a try.  I spent way too much time scanning pinterest for inspiration and away I went.  I had so much fun and stayed up way too late.

I'm not ready to share how it all comes together yet, so I thought I'd give you a peek at my work table and a few of the pieces I've completed.

I hope you had some time to fritter while watching movies, drinking a cuppa, reading blogs and maybe napping a little over the weekend, too.

More to share soon.

xo, Patty

September 6, 2012

fresh flowers

My favorite four year old boy decided I needed some fresh flowers in my vase because the old ones were all crunchy.   So with a little searching (and help with the pruning shears) he found a couple of roses in the garden to cut and bring inside. 

He has such a sweet heart and loves to surprise the special people in his life with their favorite things.  For his pop-pop he will ask to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies, for his mommy he will paint a picture and while we were visiting my mom (his great grandma) last week he insisted we cut her some flowers so that when she looked at them, she would think of him.  

As for me, he knows the quickest way to my heart is always through the garden.

He's right.  That's why when I spotted this pretty cup from Anthrpologie on Jen's blog months ago, I knew it would someday make it's way into my online shopping cart.

Pretty cute, huh?  It was the perfect indulgence and the final accent for my dining room.  I can't wait for the weather to cool a bit so that I can whip up a batch of scones, brew up some tea, curl under a quilt and fritter the day a way.  Never been much of a fritterer but it does sound wonderful...

Now it's your turn, what would your perfect frittering day be?

xo, Patty

September 5, 2012

dining room reveal

As much as I love my kitchen makeover, I think I love my dining room even more.  The fabric combination is one of my favorites and based on your comments you like the happy look of it, too.

The word joyful seems to sum it up just about perfectly.  This room just makes me smile...and eat.  Which may or may not be a good thing.  I am in love with the sunflower yellow valance and buffalo check chairs.

I have been tempted to paint this oak hutch from the 90's on more than one occasion but have resisted and now I am glad I never followed through.   It really fits in with the farmhouse, mismatched style I have come to love.

The 1940's sideboard was a gift for my 40th birthday from my husband. It holds all my teacups, teapots and dining room linens. I made the white burlap runner and love the simple uncluttered look of it paired with the more rustic wooden tray.

The kitchen and dining room open to the living room which makes it important for the three rooms to work together as far as color and style go.  My plan is to move into the living room next.  I have zero budget for purchases with the exception of a gallon of touch up paint so my creativity will definitely be put to the test.

I covered two of the newly upholstered yellow and white checked chairs with a layer of heavy plastic to grandchild proof them.  My husband teases that maybe I should do the sofa's, too.  Anyone else having a bad grandma flashback?

I have a thing for pretty glassware and store most of it in this hutch.  If I don't see, I won't use it so having it out in the open not only makes me smile but reminds to enjoy it as well.

Our place mats are stored in this wire basket which makes it easy for everyone to remember to grab a clean one before sitting at the table to eat.  The candy station, which is a staple here, is running low.  I need to add it to my shopping list before the grands take notice.  I store my household tools in the striped tin box, that way when I need the hammer, a screw driver or a nail they are right at hand.  The round canisters store my tea light candles and my scented candle tarts.

Behind the black checked curtain I have extra cake plates and serving dishes stored.   The oak wine cabinet has moved with us a couple of times.  I have almost given it away on more than one occasion but it still serves it's purpose.  It is one piece that I definitely plan on painting some day.

Each month the quote on the chalkboard gets changed.  We usually take turns choosing what is pondered each month.  It's fun to see what everyone comes up with.  My husband's quotes always take the most censoring.  His dark humor is not always appreciated by everyone...

I think the transition from the dining room to the kitchen works well.  I love the mix of color and pattern in the valances and the casual, comfortable style of the rooms.

I am still on the look out for a couple of thrifted or garage sale bar stools and like any room there are still little things that need tweaking but that's part of the fun, isn't it? 

Well, there you have it.  It may not be much by today's standards but it is everything to us and so much more than so many have.  Thanks for stopping by for a peak...

xo, Patty