I'm off for the weekend

September 14, 2012

I was gifted a ticket to this weekend's Women of Faith Conference in Anaheim, California.  What a perfect blessing at just the perfect time. God is good like that, you know. He even provided a ride!

And wouldn't you know I have two new (well, sorta) outfits already picked out for the event.  I don't have time to snap pictures as this was a last minute thing and I am running behind, but I will take a couple of pictures when I get home to share later.

Despite our triple digit temps, I have started to decorate for fall.  Have you?  Can't wait to really get going with it next week.

Have a wonderful weekend!

xo, Patty


  1. Hi Patty, I have been to WofF since I lived in northern Ca. and I do miss them. What a wonderful way to spend a weekend. I love your pumpkins-so perfect. I've got a few things out but don't want to get everything out yet-otherwise I will get tired of it all. Hope you have a wonderful time filled with inspiration and praise.

  2. Fun! What an awesome way to spend the weekend:>)

  3. you have a great weekend. i love fall ... so i have begun to decorate. such fun!! (:

  4. I've been to the Women of Faith, here in MN. You will be so blessed!

  5. Your pictures are beautiful! Have a wonderful and spiritual weekend!

  6. I have 3 pumpkins plopped outside and hope to get more done his weekend- xo Diana

  7. One day I would like to go to the WOFC. I know you'll be blessed.

  8. Relax, refresh, renew . . .
    A perfect gift indeed.

  9. Enjoy your time at the conference!! :) Great post and photos!!

  10. Patty
    I attended a Women of Faith conference many years ago in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
    It was great. One of Billy Grahams daughters was there.Terry from 700 Club was too, along with several other ladies.
    I can't wait to hear all about your experience. Have fun!

  11. I really like your metal pumpkins, we don't really do any seasonal decorating over here..except for Christmas, but that vignette looks lovely.

  12. Enjoy it girl
    Xx Ella

  13. Oh lucky you!!! Enjoy!! Beautiful fall decorations as well.

  14. That sounds like a wonderful weekend, look forward to hearing all about it. Have fun and be blessed,

  15. Pretty arrangement..I love daises..Enjoy your conference

  16. I can't decorate until it gets cooler. We've been blessed the last week with much better weather, cooler temps, low humidity. I hope it just gets better from here.

    Enjoy the conference!

  17. Oh I am so glad you are going. I hope you come back refreshed and renewed.

  18. Your Fall decorations are darling!
    Who says you can't decorate for Fall, even if it's warm outside :)

    I've begun to do a bit of Fall decorating also.

    Enjoy your conference, and be safe.

  19. Patty,
    God's timing is always perfect...especially at this point in your life! My Circle Sisters went last year in the Kansas City area and they came back renewed and inspired!!! I'll be praying that God shows you a glimpse of Heaven!!!

  20. Patty - Hope you had a fantastic week end. Those things can really pump you up. And God seems to always know when we need it.


  21. I hope you enjoyed your weekend. I wait until mid October to decorate for fall. It's too hot here otherwise and the fall colors feel too out of place yet. Our son's family lives in Hollywood and he's mentioned how hot it has been down there lately. Hopefully it has cooled back down to normal by now. Take care. Patricia


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