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November 30, 2012

a vintage marketplace friday and a winner

I am on my way out the door for a Vintage Marketplace shopping day with my sister in law.  It is cold, dreary and rainy but that will not stop us from hunting down a few treasures I am sure.

Before I head out, I had my husband choose a number between 1 and 25 and he chose 14.  Susan T, that would be you!  Send me an email at lemonlanecottage@yahoo.com and I will tell you how to claim your $50.00 Shabby Apple gift certificate.

I had to laugh yesterday with those of you who pointed out that my grubby sweatshirt clad self appears in the reflection of my beautiful vintage ornaments.  Ha..ha..will my faux paux never end! 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

xo, Patty

November 29, 2012

vintage ornaments

I have to admit I have joined the vintage ornament brigade.  I am totally smitten with their muted colors and chippy goodness and have been busy scouring thrift stores for a few to add to my new collection.

I have had no problem finding gold, red and green but have had to hunt a little harder for these beautiful soft blue and orange ones.  I have yet to stumble on the pinks but my hunt continues...

I am finding that the more I decorate with them, the more I want them to be the star of the show and have scaled back a lot of my other decorations.

Somehow they look best to me, in tarnished silver and mismatched glass bowls.

And pairing them with mercury glass (mine is new and not vintage) seems to be a natural mix.  While I am not ready to abandon my traditional Christmas colors and decor, it's fun to change it up once in a while and see things in a new perspective, don't you agree?

I have finished with the family room (except the tree which will be selected this weekend) and am on to the dining room and kitchen today.
We are in for a wonderful few days of cloudy, rainy weather so once I'm finished, a nice hot cup of tea with the twinkling lights going is at the top of my list. 

Thank you for sharing your "yes, I did," moments with me. It's always good to know that we're not alone in life's laughable moments. And yes, I was rushing out the door so I am sure that's why I didn't take that final peek in the mirror!  Oh well, we have to be able to giggle at ourselves if we are going to stay sane in life, right?

xo, Patty

I will be picking the Shabby Apple give away winner tomorrow morning and there aren't many entries, so your chances of winning the $50.00 gift certificate are pretty high.  If you haven't left a comment, you can head over to this post and leave one today!

November 27, 2012

Oh, yes I did...

I had one of those oh, yes I did, moments this morning.  I went to bible study with two completely different earrings on. 

I am not talking two similar earrings (like the time I wore one navy and one black pump...same style and both dark colors, I get that) but two totally different earrings.  One drop earring with a little green bead and one silver teardrop earring to be exact.

I sat at my table and discussed the lesson with my ladies...visited with a few close friends and one relative...and not one person so much as looked at me sideways.   That must mean that I have extremely kind friends or friends with very bad eye sight!

Tell me I am not alone.  Have you ever done anything like that or is it just me? 

And, if you notice someones "moment", is it better to ignore it than to risk embarrassing them?

Can't wait to read your stories!

xo, Patty

These little snow globes measure 2.5 inches and the bottle brush trees sit on adorable thread spools covered in vintage sheet music.   I have ten of them in the shop in all different colors.  Thank you to those of you who purchased the star ornaments...they sold out.

Don't forget the Shabby Apple give away.  You can still leave a comment on this post to be entered.

November 26, 2012

decking the halls

Today is the day I begin unpacking boxes and boxes of Christmas decor wondering what to put where and when enough is enough..(is it ever?) 

I feel like I'm behind and it's not even December yet.   Do you think because Thanksgiving was early in November this year that Christmas decorating got started sooner than usual?

I know several people who are done...yes, done with decking the halls and trimming the tree.

My plan is to work like mad (with Christmas music on, sipping hot chocolate and humming a happy, non-stressed out tune) this week and then stick a cherry on top and call it done. 

Christmas is such a beautiful season and I want to enjoy every minute of it.

I placed a few new Christmas items, including these star ornaments, in the shop at really good prices.  I will be featuring pictures of them this week for you to enjoy.  The quantities aren't huge but I wanted to end the year with creative momentum to start the New Year off right.

Have a wonderful Monday!

xo, Patty

btw...don't forget to enter the Shabby Apple giveaway on this post.

November 24, 2012

warm saturday wishes and a give away

*edit-this give away is now closed.

Good morning.  I have to say it is another gorgeous Saturday morning here on the West Coast.  I love the crispness in the air this time of year, it makes the kiss of the late morning sun even more special.  I have a few more pictures from my trip to the wine country and a giveaway.

I am excited to say that I have a $50.00 Shabby Apple gift certificate to give away to one lucky reader.  I was fortunate enough to win one a few months back from my friend Trish at Notes of Sincerity and had so much fun spending it. 

I love this little black dress for the holidays.  Just a few layers of sparkly jewelry and I am good to go.

If you've never visited them before, head on over.  I know you will love their retro dresses and vintage style and are sure to find a few things you just have to have.

If you'd like a chance to win some extra spending power before the holiday party season begins, just leave me a comment on this post telling me what you love most from their site and whether you are a pants girl or a dress girl when you head out to a holiday gathering.

I will be drawing a lucky winner on Friday, 11/30/2012.

Be back on Monday with a few new things in my shop at special Cyber Monday prices!

Till then, have a wonderful weekend.

xo, Patty

November 23, 2012

the day after the turkey...

Happy day after everyone...whew!  Another one in the record books.  I hope your day was filled with good food and good company.

Before we move on to Christmas, I wanted to share a few pictures of my trip to the local wine country last week. 

My mom and I met up with my daughter and her family for lunch in Temecula, CA and decided to take the scenic way home to my mom's through the local vineyards.  I was hoping for a quick photo op before the leaves were gone from the vines.

My niece decided to join us and of course, that meant that I got to snap some pictures of my adorable nephew running among the vineyards.

I love impromptu trips that turn into wonderful memories, don't you?

If you are shopping today (or already finished) have fun and happy hunting.  If you are sitting this one out (like me) have a wonderful day after turkey day! 

I will be back tomorrow with a few more pictures and a giveaway.  Hope to see you then.

xo, Patty

November 21, 2012

apples and thankfulness

I spent the morning making apple cake with my beautiful mom...memories of Thanksgiving's past flooding the forefront of my mind.

As we get ready to celebrate this day of giving thanks, (one more of the many firsts since my dad's passing in March), I am overcome with a renewed sense of loss and sadness. 

Searching out a new normal for the holidays is uncharted territory for my family.  Territory that we would just as soon not travel.

Even in the loss and sadness, what I'm finding is that the joy of the season is not found solely in being physically surrounded by the people we love but in the remembering of the daily moments that those people have blessed us with.

Thanksgiving is not just one day...but a celebration of everyday.

Whether there are twenty people at your table or just two, whether you find yourself surrounded by loved ones or find your table set for one, my prayer is that your mind be filled with sweet memories and your heart be filled with thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving,


November 19, 2012

Christmas Stroll

Last Friday night the town that I live in held it's annual Christmas Stroll in the Village.  The street is closed up and the mom and pop businesses that usually close at sundown are open offering their wares and free hot chocolate, popcorn and sweet treats for all to enjoy.

My sister in law and I took our grandsons to see Santa and to get to enjoy the festivities through the eyes of a couple of four year olds.  They truly did share the wonder of the season with us.  In fact, it was quite contagious.

The street was closed off except to people walking and a couple of horse drawn carriages taking you from the top of the avenue to the bottom. 

Those were the pictures I shared yesterday...our little guys thought they were the center of the parade and waved at all the on lookers the whole way.  Oh, to feel that special again!  This was the sleigh we rode in during the "parade".

Santa arrived on an antique fire truck after the lighting of the town Christmas tree. 

I wasn't feeling quite up to par but I am so glad I didn't miss out on these memories.  My little cowboy is already looking forward to next year...and so am I.

xo, Patty

btw...some of you may be wondering if my grandson ever takes off his red (well worn...well loved) cowboy hat.  The answer is yes...when he takes his bath and goes to bed!  His mom frowns when he asks to wear it in public but gramma always says, "Yes, and your cowboy boots are fine, too."  I know how quick this age will pass.

*all pictures via instagram

November 18, 2012

Let the holidays begin...

Good Sunday morning to you all.  Thank you for your prayers and well wishes, I am feeling much better and with the exception of a barely there (and apparently very annoying) raspy voice, I am back to my old self.  Just in the nick of time, too.

With Thanksgiving upon us, I would say the holidays have officially begun.

I just want to take a minute to let you know how thankful I am for all of you in my life.  While blogs are pretty, sometimes life is a bit more complicated.  You have know idea how much your positive, encouraging words have meant to me this year.

I hope your season is filled with the welcoming of friends and family...

Laughter and cheer...

Anticipation and awe...

Sweet surprises...

And plenty of love. I will be back soon to show you what I've been up to.

xo, Patty

November 13, 2012

a bit under the weather...

Sorry, I didn't mean to be away so long but I am feeling a bit under the weather....

That first cold of the season is always the worst.

I just might crawl back in bed for a while.

Be back soon, xo Patty

November 9, 2012

rainy weekend ahead

We've had a 30 degree shift in our weather here out west.  Last weekend we were in the mid 90's and this weekend will be rainy and in the 60's. 

I have so much to do inside, that I will gladly welcome the change. 

I put together a quick list of fun things to do inside over the next few days. 

1.  Clean up my craft room so that I want to play in there.
2.  Make soup or stew.
3.  Bake something new.
4.  Play board games.
5.  Finish up the first season of Downton Abbey so that I am ready for the repeat of season two.
6.  Rent a romantic comedy and convince my hubby it will be fun to watch it together.
7.  Paint goody boxes for my artful afternoon party next month.
8.  Start on my mom's quilt for Christmas.
9.  Pick up my knitting needles.
10. Sit and listen to the rain.

Sounds like a perfect weekend to me.  What about you?  Any plans?

xo, Patty

November 7, 2012

simple needs

I love to watch the birds descend on the lawn and begin pecking and foraging after the morning watering. 

Their needs are simple...

Arise, sing a song of praise, wait for the Provider to provide, work for their food, find a ledge to admire the view and sing a song of thanksgiving for the gift of another day.

Shouldn't our faith be as strong and our needs be just a simple?

Have a wonderful day!

xo, Patty