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August 31, 2013

party prep and inspiration

I am hosting a pinterest like party next Friday night and thought it would be fun to show a little bit of the inspiration I am using for the décor and the projects will we be doing.  First for the décor...

Pinterest has made it so easy to come up with ideas and decorations for any event.  I love having people over and teaching, so having a party like this lets me pull out all the stops and do both.

To let everyone in on the fun (and to let me focus on the projects and décor) I am asking everyone to bring either a dessert or appetizer to share along with the recipe either written or printed for all to take home. 

I will prepare little doggie bags for the guests to take leftovers in along with a little recipe book so that they can make any food  they love later.

I'll be showing my version of all of this as the week progresses and of course, I will take plenty of pictures of the actual event to share with you afterward.

Want to come?

xo, Patty

The original sources for these great ideas can be found on my pinterest board Autumn Splendor.

August 29, 2013

A little spooktacular project...

I just finished the September mixed media project I will be teaching at Hearts n Crafts and just had to share it with you all, too.

My head has been spinning with ideas and projects for the fall and upcoming holiday season so you can expect to see plenty of artwork and festivity ideas here on the blog in the coming weeks.

I took some time to list all the activities I have my hand in during my little blog break and decided it was time to line through a few of the ones that put me over my limit and take away the healthy balance of home and work and play projects that my life requires.  It is always so difficult to let go of things that you love to do or ones that alter your goals from what you thought they would be.

Hard but necessary, at least for me.

The great thing about this kind of exercise is that I always come away with a renewed passion for those things that remain.  Of course these kinds of changes in my life bring change to this blog.  I have a clearer idea of what those changes are and will be sharing them with you as they happen.

I hope you have a wonderful last few days of August and are as excited as I am to usher in September.  Have a wonderful day..

xo, Patty

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August 28, 2013

a little burlap for fall

I headed over to Hobby Lobby with my friend Elaine this morning for a little fall decorating inspiration. 

There was so much to take in but we (yes, we both picked the same stuff) found this great burlap ribbon that they had made into a pretty fall wreath. 

Luckily everything  we needed was 40% off, so for less than $15.00 and few silk flowers that I had in storage from last fall, I have the fixings for my new front door wreath.

We made a date to work on them next week.  I'll take pictures as we go and try to put together a little tutorial to share later.

Have you started decorating for fall or are you waiting until there's a chill in the air?

xo, Patty

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August 22, 2013


Sorry for the absence...

Been doing a bit of prioritizing but I will be back soon.

xo, Patty

August 19, 2013

Do you pinterest?

Do you pinterest?  I have to admit that I am hit or miss with it.  Lately it has been so hot that I've been spending some time pinning things I love to my boards and dreaming of cooler weather.  I have a fashion board that I love to pin outfits to in hopes of one day actually turning those cute clothes into a real life wardrobe. 

This has really been a great exercise in helping me determine my fashion sense.  I find myself drawn to the same colors and styles repeatedly which hopefully will help me as I start weeding through my closet and spending what little money I have for clothes to achieve these looks.

I've had a couple of $25.00 gift cards to TJ Maxx in my wallet for a few months that I have been saving for just the right occasion.  I finally decided that there was no better time than the present and did a little shopping yesterday after church.

The choices for women over fifty with a little fluff to them are meager at best.  I know there are higher end stores that specialize in this market but I am trying to do this on a limited budget.  I did manage to find this cute striped Tee with a peplum skirt and v-back that fit perfectly, along with a new leather purse and a cute pair of black flat sandals.  I only had to kick in an extra $13.00 for the whole lot which I didn't think was too bad.

When I got home I headed over to my what to wear pinterest board and put together a collage of all the striped tee outfits that I have pinned.  This week I will be raiding my closet and maybe hitting Goodwill to round out a couple of these looks.

I will be back next Monday (with a few pictures) to show you what I come up with and to share another pinterest fashion inspiration collage that I'll work on during the next week.  I can't guarantee that I will get to it every Monday but I will certainly try.  (In theory) this should be fun.

xo, Patty

August 15, 2013

the seasons, they are a changing...

If it were possible to deny the end of summer is near, my grandson starting kindergarten yesterday just may dash the last hope of that not being true.  Yep, the seasons they are a changing...

The buzz in my craft room has definitely taken an autumn turn.

I was asked to teach at a good friends birthday party in a couple of weeks with her only request being that it be Halloween in theme.  My mind got to whirling and twirling and I came up with this cute and kind of spooky mixed media canvas.

The paper is from Graphic 45 and I love that it has just the right amount of cuteness to ghoulishness ratio. 

I am preparing a few of the party decorations as well and will be sharing those with you soon.

And for those of you wondering, grandma made it through the first day of kindergarten with only a few tears shed and a little bit of moping.  Grandboy on the other hand, had a wonderful day!

xo, Patty

August 13, 2013

yes, I said Halloween

Just popping in to say that I listed a few of these adorable fabric Halloween banners in my shop today.

I was trying to build an inventory before reopening the shop and I am working at it but these were just so stinking cute that I couldn't resist sharing them now.

They measure approximately ten feet from end to end and they are double sided so that no matter where you hang them they are just as cute from either direction.

I will be adding other seasonal items shortly as well as some more vintage pillow cases. 

I can't believe it's almost that time of year.

Have a wonderful Tuesday my friends,

xo, Patty

August 12, 2013

holding on to peace

Why is it so hard to hold on to peace?  Every time I think I have it, every time I think my trust is strong and my faith is firm something comes up to rob me of it.  After a sleepless night of useless worrying and imagining every “what if” scenario possible, I came to the Lord in my quiet time seeking peace and I found it in scripture.


Could the answer be this simple?  Do I simply need to ask him for it?  His Word says He will give it to me at all times and in every single situation.  Even the one I am facing right now.  Even the one you are facing right now.

His word is powerful and it is true and it works.  I came to Him with a heavy, worried heart over a situation that I have no control over.  I asked Him for peace with it and He gave it to me along with His assurance that He knows the outcome and He will bring good from it.  Somehow, someday, He will bring good, even out of this.   And that is all the assurance I need.

xo, Patty

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August 10, 2013

creative friends

I shared with you last week about the prettiness and fun of my little quilting group meetings.  What I didn't share was that these ladies have become more than just my sewing buddies, they have become friends I do life with.  There is something about the process of cutting and piecing, preparing and eating that invites conversation and builds trust.

In the short time that we've been getting together these women have become a kind of safe haven for me. 

They know more about me than ladies who have known me for years.  I feel like I can tell them anything and there is no judgment or disappointment, only love and encouragement.  They are not afraid to see things differently than me and I am not afraid to let them tell me so.

I am truly blessed because they are not the only ones I feel this way about.  I have a group of ladies I met through blogging, my sister, my sister in laws and my mom.  I guess my point is that it is possible to form connections with real flesh and blood women who can be there to hear you out, to let you sound off and feel safe doing it.

They may accidently say things that hurt your feelings or that offend you (not that any of you did) but that's okay because you know their heart is for you. 

And who could ask for more than that.  Take a chance, call some friends or make new ones and spend some regular quality time together.  Life is hard and happy and messy and full of joy, find some women to share it with.

Have a wonderful weekend.


btw -This adorable birdhouse was made by my quilting friend Karen.  I saw one just like it in an expensive boutique, snapped a picture, sent it to her and she so generously whipped one up and gifted it to me. A side moral to this story would be if your looking for new friends, it doesn't hurt if you find some creative ones!

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August 8, 2013

savoring summer

It's hard to believe it's Wednesday already and that we are less than a week away from school starting here.  I guess that's why I have been so busy trying to cram as much of summer as possible into the last week.

My grandson stayed with me for a couple of days so there have been trips to the park, a quick stop for ice cream, adventure walks around the neighborhood, with a stop off at our famous local donut shop and an afternoon in the swimming pool.

I even got to spend some time with my granddaughter.  All in all a perfectly wonderful way to wind down summer. 

I am a little hesitant to mention fall, as the possibility of triple digit weather is still very real here on the West Coast, but it does seem to be in the air.  September will be here soon enough ushering in my favorite time of the year.

But for now, I think I'll just savor what's left of summer with the enthusiasm my grandson enjoys ice cream.  Come to think about it, isn't that how life should be lived in any season?

xo, Patty