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April 30, 2014

on the line...

Find joy in the ordinary...

Joy really is all around us if we would but adjust our minds to look for it.

It's present even in the ordinary and routine tasks we do everyday.

It's as simple as pausing to feel the breeze in your hair and the sun warming your face as you hang laundry on the line.  And of course a few pretty fabrics blowing in the wind never hurt anything.

This original 8x 10 mixed media canvas (along with many other wonderful things made by other talented artisans) will be auctioned off by Joy from Small Town Joy on her instagram account @rileysgodpocket tomorrow, 5/1/2014, for a great cause.  Go check it out...

xo, Patty

April 29, 2014

it just happened...

Hi there.  I really didn't set out to take a month away from blogging...it just happened.  But I'm back and much the better for my time away.

While I was gone I had a chance to take stock of what about sharing with others brings me joy and what feels less than authentically me.  I am a teacher at heart and in giftedness...a sporadic crafter, a lover of gardens, a budding artist and an amateur photographer so that's what you'll get when you visit here.

I have added a companion blog to this one called Lessons from Lemon Lane that I will use as my teaching blog.  I may only post a tutorial there once a month or I may post once a week, it's kind of a "we'll see how it goes" project for now.  I am hoping to incorporate both written and video tutorials with in depth step by step instructions of my scattered bursts of creativity.

This pretty pink rose is just one of the many bushes that are bursting forth in the garden right now.  While some of you are just getting started, we Southern Californian's are harvesting away.  But take heart, we'll be complaining about the excessive heat in no time at all!

xo, Patty