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September 28, 2015

around here lately...

Good morning, I've missed being here.  I wish I had some exciting reason for being away but actually it's been rather quiet around here lately.

With all the mad sewing to open my Etsy shop finished, even my sewing machine has been rather still.   I started some new fall place mats over the weekend that I'm hoping to finish up today and then I have quite a bit of Christmas (yes, I said Christmas) sewing on my list so that constant whirrr of my machine will be filling the air soon enough.

We have been spending our Saturday mornings out at the soccer field watching my seven year old grandson play.  This is the age where the game starts making sense and they start developing the skills and mind set to set up plays and pass the ball so the games are actually quite exciting.  His team is doing well with no losses yet this season.

My garden is so sad looking right now.  The heat has been non stop for weeks now and with our drought restrictions here in California only the grass is getting regular watering.  We are expecting a break in the heat next week (cross your fingers) so I hope to get out there and dead head, weed and do a good general clean up in anticipation of a winter planting of cool season veggies.

My husband and I have been trying to be more intentional in building our marriage so we have been making a point of talking and spending moments together.  That's all I'm going to say on this subject for now as it deserves it's own post later.

As you can see, I finally put out my fall decorations.  This always spurs on a deep cleaning and it feels so good to have it all done.  I tried to go a bit more minimal in here but as I pulled out each little pumpkin it lead to the next one and so on.  I know the thing right now is to just add a few branches and a white pumpkin or two but I love the colors of fall and it makes me happy to see it displayed in all it's silky glory all over the house.

That's it for me...how's it going with you?

xo, Patty

September 22, 2015

a little break...

All is well, just taking a little break...

Be back with a little fall inspiration soon.

xo, Patty

September 14, 2015

and another one bites the dust...

Is it just me or did the weekend just fly by?  I really believe the closer we get to the holidays the faster time goes.  We are running out of weekends...and another one bites the dust! (Now tell me you didn't just start singing that in your head.)

It was another hot one for us here in the Southern California but we are expecting a break in the heat this week and even a good amount of rain tomorrow so woo, hoo for us!

Thank you for the sweet comments about the things I make.  When I was changing the info tag line for my Etsy shop this morning the best description I could think of was that "I am a girl who likes to makes pretty things".

That's it, that's me in a nutshell.

Now on to the giveaway winner.  My grandson picked a number for us and he chose number 3.  That would be you Debbie Faust.  Congratulations!  I will be sending you an email for your address a little later today.

If you have a minute, I'd love for you to go over and visit my shop because Christmas will be here before you know it and there is probably someone on your list that appreciates and loves hand made. I have a couple of different size totes that would be cute stuffed with goodies or all alone.

And these little covered notepads would make cute stocking stuffers!

Thanks again and have a great Monday.

xo, Patty

September 11, 2015

an old fashioned give away

**This giveaway is now closed.**

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I wanted to do an old fashioned give away to thank you for always being so kind and encouraging to me over the years.

When I look back at the seven years I've been writing this blog it has changed direction quite a few times. Whether is has been called Lemon Lane or Lemon Lane Cottage the heart of it has always been about sharing a bit of me and that has often included whatever craft happens to be my passion at any given time.

When I thought about what I wanted to offer you I knew it couldn't be a big ticket gift card to a store (not that I don't love me a good gift card!) but something from the heart, something that shares a part of me.  I know that sounds old fashioned but this blog has never been about competing with the big dogs.

So I decided to gather a few things that I've made over the years...

a bit of sewing with this quilted mug rug and log cabin pillow cover...

A pretty fabric fall banner...

A set of hand painted gift tag prints...

and some shabby embellished paper craft gift tags as well.

I know it's not much by today's standards but I have always thought the best gifts are ones offered from the heart.

Just leave a comment if you'd like to be entered and I'll pick a winner Monday morning.

Until then, have an amazing weekend.  We officially start soccer season around here so that's where I'll be the next hundred (or so it seems) Saturday mornings.

xo, Patty

September 9, 2015

Hello there...

I was hoping to get a fashion post up today but I couldn't get in to see my hair stylist (therapist/world problem solver/reality TV hasher outer) until this afternoon, so it looks like fashion Wednesday won't happen until next week.

I didn't want to go another day without checking in so I started looking through my photos to see what I haven't shared with you yet and I found these Mug Swap 2015 photos from last month.

Instagram has me becoming quite the swapaholic I'm afraid.  One of my favorite so far has been the Mug Swap 2015 swap.  Not only did I have the chance to exchange a cute mug, get lots of yummy goodies and meet someone new, this one is also a benefit to help adoptive families.

Along with your swappy goodness, you also make a monetary donation to a pre-selected deserving family.  It has been going for a few years but this was my first time participating.

Aren't the goodies I received great?  I had not seen these dessert in a mug before and have had to fight off my daughter to taste one myself.

I'm hoping to be back Friday with a cute give away just for my blogging friends.  Until then, have a wonderful night!

xo, Patty

September 4, 2015

a new project

I know, I know, I have more than enough projects going already but I was browsing through Mollie Makes Crochet book and this granny square blanket stopped me dead in my tracks.

It is one of the things I have on my want to make bucket list (you have one of those, don't you?) and this one is so pretty and in just the perfect colors for my home.  They even match my pretty coffee mug which was a gift from my sweet sister in law for my last birthday.  I think she got it at Home Goods.

I used to crochet many moons ago but haven't picked up a hook in a very long time.

I am hoping it all comes back to me and I will be stacking up those squares in no time at all.  There is no pressure or deadline on this one.  My goal is late winter/early spring and since I need to make 120 of them that means roughly a couple a day for the next four months, give or take.

Obviously I did the math just for fun.  My creative outbursts at night vary greatly based on how tired I am, what's on TV or if I had one or two glasses of wine while I made dinner.

This will be a fun project just for me so when it's done, it's done.  My goal is just to finish it before it's too warm to use it next year.

I thought I'd take a minute and share a couple of pictures of my summertime mantel before I start transitioning to autumn decor.

I finished the big reorganizing project I started on Monday and now I know where all my Halloween/fall decorations are.  I think I'll wait another week or two to get started, right now I just want to take it easy...and sew.

Have a great labor day weekend!

xo, Patty

September 2, 2015

you've come a long way baby...

I let it happen again.  Maybe it's the heat, the lack of structure that summer brings or the copious amount of time I've spent in my sewing room but I have fallen into the comfy capri pants and tee shirt rut that I vowed to stay out of last year.

It is so easy when you don't leave the house, or if you leave the house but don't get out the car, or if you leave the house get out of the car but only run into where ever (grocery store, post office, bank, etc.) for just a quick second, not to think of how you look.

I am all for every once in a while giving yourself a break and chilling in your comfiest of clothes but when the people closest to you start asking in subtle ways if you're ever going to wear all those things you bought last year, or whatever happened to those fashion posts you used to do, or even gasp, if your husband says, "do you want to go and buy a few new things", (I know, right?) then it's time to get it together and make an effort.

So I've made myself an appointment to get my hair done, I've gone through my makeup and noted what needs replacing and I've even decided to start doing a Wednesday fashion post again, at least a couple of times a month, starting next week.

(photo credit hummingbirdthread on IG)

You know what's partly to blame for this awakening?  The purging and cleaning around the house I started earlier in the week.  It seems creating order in one area of life inspires you to make changes in other ones as well.  And this little ditty from Singer circa 1949 didn't help anything either.

Boy, have things changed.  You've come a long way baby.  I'm not sure if us coming so far in the last 60 years is a good thing or not?  Do chime in...

xo, Patty