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September 11, 2015

an old fashioned give away

**This giveaway is now closed.**

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I wanted to do an old fashioned give away to thank you for always being so kind and encouraging to me over the years.

When I look back at the seven years I've been writing this blog it has changed direction quite a few times. Whether is has been called Lemon Lane or Lemon Lane Cottage the heart of it has always been about sharing a bit of me and that has often included whatever craft happens to be my passion at any given time.

When I thought about what I wanted to offer you I knew it couldn't be a big ticket gift card to a store (not that I don't love me a good gift card!) but something from the heart, something that shares a part of me.  I know that sounds old fashioned but this blog has never been about competing with the big dogs.

So I decided to gather a few things that I've made over the years...

a bit of sewing with this quilted mug rug and log cabin pillow cover...

A pretty fabric fall banner...

A set of hand painted gift tag prints...

and some shabby embellished paper craft gift tags as well.

I know it's not much by today's standards but I have always thought the best gifts are ones offered from the heart.

Just leave a comment if you'd like to be entered and I'll pick a winner Monday morning.

Until then, have an amazing weekend.  We officially start soccer season around here so that's where I'll be the next hundred (or so it seems) Saturday mornings.

xo, Patty


  1. Good morning Patty. I love the mug rug you made for me, in the fabric. It sits on the table beside my sewing machine. I use it all the time. Someone will be thrilled to win this giveaway.
    No Fall soccer for us. Noah played summer basketball, and the girls are playing Fall softball. So we start that soon. I dread the hot ones.
    Have a great day!
    xo Kris

  2. What a nice giveaway! You do know that I collect Noah's Ark items, hint, hint! LOL So many nice pieces.


  3. Patty, Your giveaway items are lovely. Please enter my name.
    We start soccer tomorrow.....three games to be exact and one more on Sunday.


  4. Patty, I have always loved your blog. Your heart shines through and I love that you are you. Your sewing inspires me.

  5. Hi Patty,

    I enjoy your blog and check each day for a new posting. Yes, I am interested in your give away.


  6. Patty, I would love to win something you made. Your creativity is always amazing to me!!

  7. Your giveaway items are much much nicer than a gift card! They are all lovely! I would be happy to win them.

  8. All your items are beautiful. I would not what to choose. I would be honored to own something made by you.

    Have a blessed evening.

  9. Patty, Never under estimate the richness of a gift that is handmade. That is something that can not be bought in a store. I love your give away! Your stitching and art is beautiful and I feel honored to have my name in the hat.
    Thank you.
    Have fun at your soccer games . . . it sounds like a great way to send a Saturday morning.
    Keep Smiling, Connie :)

  10. OMG!! Such LOVELY treasures! Homemade, handcrafted,... how can they not be forever cherished?!!
    Blessings to you!! :)

  11. I love your blog Patty. Thank you for sharing your life and your talent with all of us!!

  12. I've followed your blog for awhile. Ive enjoyed most every post from the fashion post to post about the family. It would be wonderful to win some of your creations. I envy your talents.

  13. Love the mug rug, pillow, heck I love it all. I would enjoy winning and using all of them. Know about the Saturday soccer games. Did that for about 10 years - loading up the old van with boys, food, drinks, etc. and heading out for fun and games. That player is 45 years old now, so enjoy it while it lasts.

  14. I love your arts and crafts things. They all look so pretty. Handmade things are the best, please enter my name in your giveaway.

  15. This is a really nice giveaway. You are so sweet to offer treasures from your heart. Yours was one of the first blogs I followed. Still love coming here. It would mean so much having just one of these special gifts b

  16. oh your gifts are beautiful I would love to be in the draw please I have only found your blog a little while ago but I love it thank you hugs Beth

  17. What sweet items, Patty. Always stay old-fashioned. I love from-the-heart blogs the best. Please put my name into the hat. Susan

  18. Not much!? These are awesome treasures and items that anyone would love to receive. You are so generous and so talented. One of a kind gifts for sure. I would consider it an honor to be entered. Have a great weekend! Kit

  19. These beautiful creations of yours are much better than a plastic gift card! I truly feel that way. It would be a pleasure to be entered into the drawing. There isn't one item I wouldn't absolutely love to have! Have a blessed weekend.

  20. Your giveaway items are lovely and you are very generous to offer them to one lucky winner! Thank you for a chance to win!

  21. Patty, You are not giving yourself proper credit. People would rather have a handmade item as any store gift card. I think what you have chosen is adorable. Good luck to all of us who enter this giveaway. :):) blessings, xoxo,Susie

  22. I love everything you make so would be so happy to receive a little bit of you! I enjoy your blog so much and you always inspire me in some way or other.

  23. Thank you for a chance to win your beautiful handmade items!

  24. Hi Patty! This is very much! Thank you for sharing all these beautiful things! I love everything you have made! x Teje

  25. Not much by today's standards? I'd rather win beautiful homemade things like this than some commercial gift! :-)

  26. Old Fashioned and from the Heart <3 Sharing your life with us!! you are real and that is why I so Love your Blog!!!
    Debbi Saunders