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January 29, 2016

keep your eyes open - fashion friday

Sometimes you find the prettiest things in the most unlikely places.

I was making my weekly Walmart run for paper and toiletries and happened to notice all the pretty new sweaters they have.  As I was practicing restraint with the folded cardigans, (in every color for

January 28, 2016

how to make mini fabric flags

Edited: This giveaway is now closed.

I was feeling kind of crafty yesterday so I decided to gather some pretty fabric and see what came of it.  As I started to pull out various prints and colors and laid them side by side it occurred to me how cute they would look waving hello as sweet little fabric flags.

And since it's been a while since I did a tutorial I thought this simple project would be perfect to

January 26, 2016

fresh flowers - ten buck Tuesday

I have always loved flowers both outside in the garden and inside on the kitchen table.  There's just something special about having a fresh bouquet in the house.  Don't you agree?

Here in Southern California there aren't many months that I can't go outside and snip something green or flowering and I love that.  But sometimes I want a little bit more than my yard has to offer.

And I know those of you knee deep (or house deep) in snow can go months without seeing any color for clipping.

January 25, 2016

free time, me time - let's chat

Last week I had a little mad money in my pocket and knew just what I wanted to do with it; buy a new magazine or two.  So I headed out to Barnes and Noble on Monday in search of the latest Mingle edition and whatever else caught my eye.

I was so excited when I found the Mingle issue I was looking for and a new Country Gardens

January 22, 2016

dressing up everyday fashion

It seems my everyday uniform hasn't changed much this week and it almost seemed silly to post pictures of more of the same, but then I got to thinking that your everyday clothes probably don't change much either.

The truth is that unless I am heading out to a party or special occasion, what I wear pretty much stays the same.  But here's the thing, that sameness can soon turn into a rut of not even trying if we don't find ways to add a bit of something to kind of spark up the everyday once in a while.

Take this outfit for example.  I love a pretty white blouse and blue jeans especially when the

January 20, 2016

how to mix patterns when decorating - nesting

I don't know about you but after the Christmas decor is put away my living room is always in need of a little freshening up.  We spend so much time in there that I thought a bit of color would help chase the winter blues away and make the room feel more warm and inviting.

And what better way to add color quickly and inexpensively than to add a few new throw pillows.

January 19, 2016

seasonal centerpieces - nesting

I've had a gift card to Home Goods from Christmas burning a hole in my pocket so I took advantage of a kid free day and headed out in search of a few things on my decor wants list.  You have one of those tucked in your purse, don't you?  If you don't I highly recommend that you put one together.

My list includes all the little things that I want to add to each room that I might find when I run into

January 15, 2016

fashion - jeans and more jeans

I'm glad you're enjoying these fashion posts because I am having so much fun doing them and knowing I'm going to share what I wear really helps me get out of my pjs lounge wear a lot more often.

I feel like I am always styling blue jeans but at this stage of my life they are my main staple bottoms.  I have a few pairs I switch out depending on what type of top I'm wearing.  I also have black, grey, tan, plum and white jeans that I will try to style a bit more often.

With all that said, here is my latest version of fashion over 50...jeans and more jeans.

These are my favorite "skinny" style jeans. They are from Loft and called curvy skinny (I know, an

January 13, 2016

life - let's chat

Grab a cup of something hot and let's chat...

So how's the New Year going for you so far?

It's gotten off to a fairly slow and peaceful start for me.  By slow I mean not a whole lot of action taking place.  I am usually all about new beginnings but for some reason this year feels pretty much like a continuation of last year.  It's like when you were a kid and couldn't wait to turn eight because that surely was better than being seven and then your birthday roles around and you feeling exactly the same as you did the day before.

January 11, 2016

organization - jewelry holder

It's no secret that I love costume jewelry (do they still call it that?).  I've been collecting it for more than a few years now so I have quite a stash.  I think the right necklace can really take an outfit from so so to perfectly polished with little effort, and if you hit the thrift stores like I do, very little cash.

I have tried different ways of displaying/storing it but with each new necklace it becomes more and more difficult to see what's where.

January 7, 2016

life is short...dress cute

When you write posts on a blog for any length of time it can be harder and harder to find things to talk about.  I suppose if your blog has a specific purpose and label then it would be a bit easier because food bloggers need to eat and fashion bloggers need to get dressed and food and clothes are their passion so the content may come more naturally.

(boots - zulilly, quilted vest - Kohls, navy striped tee - Loft, jewelry - Kohls, pink scarf was a gift)

When you blog about life in general it's not so clear cut.  Let's face it, life (my life anyway) can be a bit mundane and repetitious.  So when I decided to start sharing again I let myself off the hook with

January 5, 2016

it's me...

Well that didn't last long...

It seems this little space is not easily forgotten or replaced and actually a form of therapy in my otherwise crazy world.  A place where I can share thoughts and ideas that are not immediately met with skepticism or criticism due to their very unlikely, impractical, pie in the sky ways (at least not to my face anyways).

We dreamers need an audience that isn't so big on realism and actual finishes, one that will nod in