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March 30, 2016

defining Lemon Lane Style - let's chat

"Lemon Lane Style is all about living a good life where you are in life right now. It’s about not waiting until you have it all together to start doing the things that you’ve always wanted to do.
I want to show you how to recreate that “feeling” of style, travel, entertaining, decorating, etc., given the time and money (or lack there of…) you have today.  It is possible, I promise. I am a firm believer that attitude and creativity are everything and I’ll show you how you can start thinking outside the box to achieve the beautiful life you’ve always wanted."  from the Lemon Lane Style newsletter #1
I am excited to share that Lemon Lane Style now has a newsletter.  I have been wanting to write one for a while now and finally feel like the time is right.  I've spent the last two months redefining exactly what Lemon Lane Style is, what the future of it will be and how I can best share it with you and one of those ways is with a weekly newsletter.

While this blog will always be at the forefront of how I communicate, I'm looking forward to using

March 28, 2016

How to host a girls night on a budget - gatherings

When was the last time you had the girls over for a visit?  Friday night I did just that.  It was nothing fancy, just a few appetizers and a couple of bottles of supermarket wine, but that’s all it took to get us to slow down and reconnect.

If you’re like me, you can think of a thousand reasons not to gather friends together in your

March 26, 2016

Shout Out Saturday - Spring floral arrangements

It's Saturday and that means it's time for another Shout Out Saturday post.  This time I have been scouring the internet for my favorite Spring floral arrangements to share with you.  As always I try to find a variety of blogs to share and this time I've included a couple of new to me ones as well.  I hope you enjoy...

Okay, let's get started...

First up is one of those new to me blogs Elle Claire.  Even though I love using a lot of color in my

March 25, 2016

What I packed for a spring beach trip - fashion

I was lucky enough to spend three days earlier this week a block away from the ocean in Laguna Beach, California with a great group of women from my church.  The forecast called for anywhere from the low 50's to mid 70's, with a chance of showers thrown in.

I don't know about you but for me time at the beach is wonderful no matter what the weather forecast,

March 23, 2016

5 things every front porch needs - gatherings

I love porches.  Especially the old fashioned, wrap around the house kind with a well cushioned swing just waiting for a lazy day.  So for me, as soon as the weather starts to warm up just a bit I am thinking about ways to spruce up our little piece of real estate out front.

decorating a front porch

Our front porch is really small by conventional standards but we've managed to fit a couple of rocking

March 21, 2016

What I learned from running an unsuccessful etsy shop - let's chat

For as long as I can remember I have been a crafter, whether it was painting signs for my high school cheering squad, sewing my own clothes, crocheting baby blankets, painting, paper crafts or just about anything else.  That’s why it seemed natural for me to open an Etsy shop.  People were always telling that I should sell whatever it was that I was making and what better forum than an online shop featuring my hand made wares?

an unsuccessful etsy shop

So I spent countless hours and more money than I care to admit stocking my virtual shop with pretty

March 19, 2016

Shout out Saturday - Fashion Blogs

I am busy packing for a quick conference in Newport Beach, California (where it promises to be in the mid 70’s) and trying to decide which flip flops and which sandals to pack.  This trip is actually a working/planning trip for Women’s Ministry at church but the idea of getting away for a couple of days at the beach is so needed in my life right now.  The thought of three days away has me positively giddy.  I’ll be sure to take pictures of what I decide to pack and actually wear to share with you next Friday.  And just because there will be actual work going on doesn't mean there won't be some time for a little window shopping as well.

As for our Shout Out Saturday, I thought it would be fun to focus on fashion blogs today.   Even

March 18, 2016

how to shop your closet - fashion

By now you all know what a great tool I think pinterest is for jump starting your imagination whether it be for food, entertaining, decorating or fashion.  Just key in a few words and up pops just what you were looking for.

Today I thought it would be fun to show you exactly how I use a pinterest photo and turn it into my own version of a very cute copycat outfit.  Are you with me?

Okay, here's our inspiration photo...

Pretty cute, right?  I originally pinned this because I have a very similar top to the dress pictured and I

March 16, 2016

the joy of growing strawberries in pots - gardening

While I've been flower gardening for a while, growing fruits and vegetables is new to me.  I originally decided to give it a try hoping it would encourage us to eat healthier and make us just a little more self-sufficient.  I didn't realize the beauty of it, the delicate blossoms, the brightness of the fruit, the different shades of greens in the lettuce leaves. peppers and onions.

I especially love strawberry season.   I can't wait for them to start showing up in the supermarket and

March 14, 2016

Easy (and cute) Saint Patrick's Day Dessert - gatherings

St. Patrick's Day is one of those holidays that generally falls during the week and doesn't lend itself to a full scale meal at our house but it's still fun to do a little something to acknowledge the day.  For me that usually involves dessert.

This year I decided to go with a tried and true favorite when celebrating "green" holidays, pistachio

March 12, 2016

Shout Out Saturday - Food Blogs

Someday I really want to learn how to cook, not just make dinner but really cook, does that make since?  Until then I will continue to hone my skills vicariously by watching the Food Network and reading food blogs.  Saturday morning cooking shows are kind of like Saturday morning cartoons used to be when I was a kid, you looked forward to the weekend morning lineup of one right after another.

I love it when I actually have time to pour myself a cup of coffee and watch them all live but most of the time I have to settle for taping my favorites and watching them through the week as a reward for working hard around the house.  I do the same with food blogs, I pour over my favorite ones and drool over the photography and delicious food every chance I get.

And because I'm thinking you love seeing beautiful, delicious food as well, I thought it would be fun

March 11, 2016

My top 5 favorite go to jewelry accessories - fashion

I love the way I feel when I've taken the time to accessorize my outfit for the day.  Even jeans and a t-shirt seem more put together with a few pieces of jewelry.  One day I hope to be one of those people who lays out their clothes, shoes and jewelry every night before bed so that in the morning there is no thinking involved, but so far that just isn't me.

silver jewelry

And until that happens, I always have my top five go to jewelry accessories gathered together so that

March 9, 2016

how to wrap a pretty package - gatherings

There is nothing I like more than gift giving and if the gift is hand made then all the better.  I am a firm believer that a thoughtful present doesn't have to cost a lot of money to be special.  Taking the time to shop or design a personalized gift let's the receiver know that you think they are worth the time and effort involved in selecting and wrapping something just for them.

Being a visual person half the fun for me is making the present look pretty.  Even a gift card (which I

March 7, 2016

stepping off the treadmill of busyness - let's chat

Hello Monday.  It's amazing how quickly you sneak up on us.  Is it just me or are the weekends filled with one too many activities to make them relaxing and refreshing?  Have we agreed to participate in so many fun things that we've kind of taken the joy right out of enjoyment?

I don't know if it's the amount of life that we feel we need to live on those two short days tucked

March 5, 2016

Shout Out Saturday - blogging friends

Hello my Saturday morning friends.  I am heading out the door this morning for our first official little league game of the season.  I don't know about you but one of the signs of spring will always be the kickoff of baseball season.  Before I head out I wanted to give a Shout Out Saturday to a few of my oldest and dearest blogging friends.  These ladies have been writing, photographing and sharing their lives for many years and though I have never met any of them in person, they feel like old friends.  

I'm sure you probably know all of them already but just in case you haven't visited them in a while or maybe lost track of them because a couple have changed the name of their blogs, I thought I'd invite you to go on over and say hello.

First up is Rue from An Old Fashioned World.  Some of you may remember her from her old blog Peanut Butter and Jelly Life.  I adore her authenticity and love her classic style. She is currently restoring her 1930's home to it's original glory and her blog is full of tours of each room in her house.  Take your time and take a peek at all of them.

Then there's Jen at The Cottage Nest.  Jen has been my blog crush for as long as I've been reading

March 4, 2016

Spring fashion - floral blouses

Spring is definitely in the air here in Southern California.  We have had the best weather with the last few days in the high 70's and low 80's.  I am always sad to put my boots away and bring out my sandals but this year I figured why fight it.  I even polished my toenails in anticipation.

Along with sandals, Spring always has me thinking of florals both in the garden and in my clothing.

March 2, 2016

Spring craft ideas - creating paper nest pins - a tutorial

Last spring as I was trying to think of something special to give to a few friends for Easter I came up with this sweet Spring craft idea, paper nest pins.  They were such a hit that I thought it would be fun to do a quick tutorial so that you can make some for your friends, too.

The supply list -